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Did You Know?

1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys will be sexually abused before they turn 18 years old. These figures are based on reported cases only. The actual number is much higher. Most children never report. 

In the past 25 years, more than 575 cases of sexual abuse have been reported at camps in North America. 

What is CampSafe?

CampSafe is an innovative eLearn program designed to protect campers and staff from child sexual abuse.
CampSafe training was created by KidSafe Foundation, a leading non-profit in the field of sexual abuse prevention, along with input from veteran camp directors. 

 To Become a CampSafe Camp: 

First - The camp director must take the CampSafe Online Training Course for Directors

Next - The director instructs camp staff and volunteers to take the CampSafe Interactive eLearn Course

Finally - Pat yourselves on the back! Your camp will now be awarded official CampSafe Trained Certification

Benefit to CampSafe Training: 

Whole-camp approach: All staff and volunteers go through the training BEFORE arriving at camp. This includes counselors, dining, maintenance, administration, specialist, health providers. Everyone. 

Powerful messaging: Demonstrates to parents that protecting their children is your foremost concern. Demonstrates to staff and volunteers applicants that your camp has zero tolerance for sexual abuse. 

✅ Orientation kickstart: Reinforces and enhances orientation week sessions focused on abuse prevention.

Harm reduction: CampSafe trained staff reduce the risk of sexual abuse at camp.

Cultural education: Ensures that international staff understand American culture regarding child sexual abuse. 

Key features of CampSafe training: 

✅  Proactive approach: Training staff and volunteers helps break the cycle of child sexual abuse and shines an important light on this often-taboo topic. This results in Educated Staff, Safer Camps.

✅  Open dialogue: Training focused squarely on sexual abuse prevention sends a message that your camp has “zero tolerance” for sexual abuse. This helps weed out potential staff who may have other motives.

✅  Training efficiency: Online training before camp begins allows more time during pre-camp orientation to integrate the concept of creating a Culture of Safety at camp.

✅  Combination themes: Open conversations with staff about sexual abuse prevention are paired with conversations about modeling healthy relationships, boundaries and consent. 

✅  Training guides: An outline for pre-camp training during orientation is provided to the camp director as part of the CampSafe training.

✅  Focus on Compassion: CampSafe training promotes compassion toward campers. Trained staff become fluent in the language of safety while providing comfort, aide and access to supervisory staff for guidance. 

Did You Know?

✅  KidSafe Foundation partnered with Camp Counselors USA (CCUSA) to provide this valuable training to their international staff applicants for summer 2020.

✅  KidSafe Foundation is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to teaching sexual abuse prevention to people who work, play or volunteer with children. Founded in 2009, KidSafe has trained over 30,000 adults including teachers, camp staff, mentors, parents, healthcare providers and volunteers. 

What Makes CampSafe Unique?

✅ CampSafe training is effective, economical and user-friendly.

✅  CampSafe is efficient. Our compact, eLearn instruction provides camp staff with the confidence, knowledge and skills they will need to recognize and prevent sexual abuse. 

✅  CampSafe training is consistent across all camp personnel, promoting a camp-wide culture of safety.
✅  CampSafe trains staff online BEFORE they arrive at camp. They arrive ready for enhanced instruction at pre-camp orientation. 

✅  On completion of training, camps are awarded CampSafe Certification, steadfast assurance to campers and their families that child safety is your camp’s first priority. 

Are you CampSafe? 

Are you ready to take the next step to protect campers? 

What Camp Directors and Staff are Saying about CampSafe training:

"This is a sensitive topic that was approached in the eLearn in a very comfortable, non-threatening way. - Camp Director"

"As a Director I am looking forward to raising the level of professionalism with my staff. This training reflects the conversations we are having in our society and will strengthen my staff’s skills while also strengthening them personally in their daily lives away from camp. - Camp Director "

"I appreciate that everyone hears the same message in the same way – creating open communication at camp. – Camp Administrator"

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